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Aohai focuses on R&D and technology innovation, annual R&D investment is over RMB50,000,000, which is over 4% of the annual sales revenue. R&D has built up over 200 members professional team for charger, wireless charger, smart fast charge, smart socket, power bank, and is building national laboratories, provincial technology research center and postdoctoral scientific research workstation.


Through more than ten years of independent R&D and technology working experience, Aohai's production equipments and the smart manufacturing technology, as well as the product quality, are now in the world leading level. Aohai gained many advanced international and domestic leading power charge and storage technology, and is able to impact the market trend.


Holding more than 120 patents, planning to apply more than invention and utility 200 patents in the next three years. Smart fast charge, intelligent charging technology, small volume and high power technology, transformer skeleton technology, EMI, EMC technology, full-automated production technology, etc., are the pioneer technology in domestic, also is the leading technology in global.