Dumplings fragrance, Aohai family welcome Dragon Boat Festival.


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Dumplings fragrance, Aohai family welcome Dragon Boat Festival.

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2018/02/28 14:03

In order to promote the heritage of the Chinese nation and create a festive, peaceful and festive atmosphere, on the afternoon of May 25th, the Aohai Group Human Resources Administration Center organized the first Aohai Group's first bag-steaming competition. A total of 72 employees from 18 teams participated in this event. activity.


Before the start of the competition, staff members placed the loquat leaf, glutinous rice, red dates, string and other materials on the table. Everyone sat around and discussed how to wrap up the dumplings and expect to show their skills.


“Prepare, start!” As the staff made an order, the players of each team took up the leaves and began to wrap up. Aohai’s first wraps game officially began. The contestants came from the north to the south of the land. The pods included were also of different shapes, with horns, triangles, and rectangles.


In the end, the on-site assessment team conducted on-site identification of the dumplings in terms of length of use, no disclosure, no waste of material, strict packing, and shape rules. The manpower administration center, manufacturing department, and quality center received one or two, respectively. , silver, bronze casket title, transformer division won the best organization award. The game ended in a laughter.


Through this competition, the Chinese national tradition has been promoted, which has made everyone feel festive, and has also created the atmosphere of Aohai's warm family.